I’m going to live in Seychelles Madanm Paton, what shall I bring ?

First is what stuffs should you leave behind ?

  • Your fournitures are not used to the hight level of humidity. If you love them, don’t take them with you ! Specially things in leather ! Everything in leather is dying here : shoes, jacket, belt…
    orget duvets, it’s getting mouldy and it’s completly useless !
  • Books, comic books, it’s breaking my heart to write that, but if you do love them, leave them behind. Humidity is ruining them as much as fungus, ants, sun…
  • Jewelleries. The salt is ruining them and the thieves like them too much…
  • Most of the houses or flats are furnished.

What about domestic appleances ? 

  • Well, I would bring oven and micro-wave. Here, there are not much and it’s expensive ! Made in China ! Dishwasher does not exist yet in Seychelles !
  • Wine drinkers : a cellar wine is nice to have. There are so much things we put in our fridge (flour, bread…) that it is nice to have space for wine.
  • Bring adapter also, remember here the sockets are like in Britain !

Clothes !

  • Forget every warm or half-season clothes. Maybe just one zipped coton jacket when it’s 26° on the night ! Take some cotton wear which enable perspiration, as light as possible.
    If you are working in a company, you will probably have to wear a uniform. You might have some air conditioning in your office, so maybe some light trousers, polos shirts for guys and skirts for women.
  • Ladies, buy underwears before coming !!! In a year, I couldn’t find anything wearable !
  • Bring shoes, the one here do not last forever ! Open ones, not in leather, for women. Unluckily, for the man, closed shoes are quite mandatory. Tongs in plastics, wicker ones are not solid enough. Hiking shoes can be nice to have if you like walking, check that they are not too warm and not in leather !
  • K-way can be useful, like umbrella (you will find some cheap umbrella easely breakable here !) for the rainy season. Crocks are the ideal shoes for this period.
  • You will need a smart outfit or two if you go to church or if you are invited to a party at night. Women are easily wearing hats here.

And linen ?

Your rented place might have everything already.
But because we are used to a certain comfort, I have to warn you about some stuffs : at my place, linen are furnished, but no fitted sheets ! Cloths and dusters are made in a funy material which is not wiping nothing !
that here, in every places, we are cleaning with cold water, so efficient products are required !

Cleaning !

  • I hope that you will get a cleaning lady ! With all insects, alive or dead, gecko and sand, it is no fun ! So don’t forget to take enough bags for the hoover. There are little chance that you can find some here !
  • If you like your long-handled scrubbing brush and his floor cloths, take them with you, it is really hard to find here. There are only mop.

About Anti-mosquito spray/anti-insects repellent

  • You will find some products to burn or spray for the house, but what you need is repellent for skin. The blue lights which are making the insects commit suicides can be reassuring, but honestly, I used mine very little !
  • If you are into essential oils, then lemongrass and lavander are the one you need ! But I can tell you, there is nothing like a good repellent !
  • You will find some products to burn or spray for the house, but what you need is repellent for skin.

Snorkling, the easiest hobby in Seychelles and other things to do

Diving or snorlking shoes are the more important, because there are lots of sea urchins. Coral sand is also not very pleasant and there is a kind of seagrass which is defending itself when attaqued ! Take your diving or snorkling stuffs with you and buy some before coming, it’s really easier and probably better made !

  • Don’t wear flashy yellow swimming costume, which, according to National Geographic, is the sharks favourite !
  • If you like reading, there is the national library. 2 bookshops. Well… I am french and even if I can read english, I brought a ebook.
  • If you like TV, you will have to spend money on the cable. Another solution is to bring lots of movies and series on a harddisk !

If you are a geek…

Your life is going to be difficult ! Even if the optic fiber came here in septembre 2012, it’s is far different from the ADSL you can find in Europe ! Bring your stuffs, it’s quite expensive here generally speaking. Wii ou consoles bought here are NTSC. There’s an Apple Store from August 2012 in Victoria.

You never know

Well, thefs happen. Think about it before bringing you Van Gogh paintings. There are little thefs prevention devices, for suitcases for example, which could scare some intruders.

Bring his pet ?

Not easy, but not impossible.

All cats and dogs entering Seychelles require an Import Permit issued by the Veterinary Services. Such pets must have valid vaccination records including proof of RABIES inoculation as well as a Veterinary Health Certificate. They will be obliged to undergo a quarantine period of two weeks to six months, depending on the country of origin. Seychelles does not accept pets for a period less than six months and bringing bird species of any kind into Seychelles is not permitted.

Bring his car or buy one in Seychelles ?

All I can say it that life is really tiring and hard with no car !
The best car here is a small jeep : roads are full of holes and sloping. When it’s raining, it can be a nightmare. Some roads, I would rather call paths, are full of rocks, a jeep is really cool to have !
You can find every price (last time I checked, a 206 full options was 250000 roupies).

Think there is also the insurance to pay. Every year, there’s a technical check to take (150 rs). And the tax (1 rs per cm3. Example : a 1.300cm3, will cost 1300rs per year).

More information here : http://www.seychellesconnect.com/about_seychelles/living_in_seychelles.php

In case you have a baby

You can find quite all the stuff. The baby clothes are gonna be tricky to find though… Like toys with an european sign saying it is not toxic… But most of all, you will not find any baby or child seat to put in the car.
Also, the shoes for little ones can be very odd (like having eels!) And if I were you, I would bring the usual medicine. Here, the doctor give wether nothing wething extra big doses !

All these things you like and you can not find !

Well, if you are english or indian, then, you will be less lost than french people !
In Seychelles, shopping is no fun ! You will find what is needed but not much of the superfluous ! Buy a gift, decorate your house, find something original will be tricky ! So bring some stuffs !

  • Products not impossible but sometimes hard to find : cooking chocolate or chocolate, salami (sorry I am french!), cheeses (emmental can fly), your favourite made of coffee or tea (even more if you don’t like vanilla tea), strawberry vinegar…
  • Sponges : can’t remember in England, but in Germany they have the same kind of sponge you can find here. Once used it’s done ! Sometimes you can find the french scratching sponges, but no often (I came with a stock and never regret it !)
  • Freezer zipped bags are you best friends. They will avoid ants in sugar and flour ! Tupperwares will not be useless either !
  • Bring a butter dish, I never used one before, but here it is really cool to have one !
  • Pie dish are very rare,like greaseproof paper.
  • Something I use all the time : the Bevara clips from Ikea. http://www.ikea.com/fr/fr/catalog/products/70083252/

Good luck with your moving !

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