Happy Birthday !

Yep, on the 14 of july, It is the national day in France, but here in Sweden, It's the birthday of the reigning Princess, Victoria.

victoria-crown princess-pourquoivivreailleurs

If you were in town, you've probably seen the Royal car and people who greeted the Kronsprinsessan.

Thus, If you ever get a birthday, make sure to learn the song

which is appropriate and is called

Ja må han leva!

Ja, må han leva! Ja, må han leva! Ja, må han leva uti hundrade år!
Javisst ska han leva! Javisst ska han leva! Javisst ska han leva uti hundrade år!

Och när han har levat, Och när han har levat, Och när han har levat uti hundrade år!Ja, då ska han skjutas, Ja, då ska han skjutas, Ja, då ska han skjutas på en skottkärra fram!

Och när han har skjutits, Och när han har skjutits, Och när han har skjutits på en skottkärra fram, Ja, då ska han hängas, Ja, då ska han hängas, Ja, då ska han hängas på en häst bakåfram!

Och när han har hängits, Och när han har hängits, Och när han har hängits på en häst bakåfram, Ja, då ska han dränkas, Ja, då ska han dränkas, Ja, då ska han dränkas i en flaska champagne!

Och när han har drunknat, Och när han har drunknat, Och när han har drunknat i en flaska champagne ! Ja, då ska han firas, Ja, då ska han firas, Ja, då ska han firas med jättelång låt! Ja må han leva! Ja må han leva!

In the song, “HAN” means “he”. You can adapt the song. For example, if you want to sing for Kronprisessan, you must sing “Ja, må HON leva!”. Because “HON”, is the feminine pronoun.

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Find perfume in Sweden ?

The title of this post is a bit disingenuous. You still need to exaggerate, there is perfume in Sweden. There are chains that sell cosmetics perfume, like Sephora, Face, Body Shop, Byredo and then large chain stores like Ålhens, with a selection of major brands.

Right, but even when there's something that bothers me when I search the shelves…

Why are there so few brands ?

I have found no obvious answer. Mais, the Swedish market is not very important. 9, 7 million souls inhabit Sweden. It therefore represents not much.
There are no independent stores. So we work with central purchasing. brands that we do not want are be sold whatever happens, So which are already known. We also want to correspond to the taste “Scandinavian”… Do not ask me !
What is sure, is that online, there is anything you want !

Well, given the sensitive about what allergy in Sweden (especially food allergy), I would not be surprised that the perfume market is in any case limited because of these issues…


Well, all that to say that if you have a well-defined gift to, plan to check in advance if you can find the product in shop !

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Make change for Sweden

This is when a girl came out of the bakery, saying "This is crazy, they do not accept cash ! A la Sainte Lucie, le jour croît d’un saut de puce», I left him my wallet, handing him a ticket I told myself we were really formatted ! The French pay in euros sounding and stumbling. After realizing what I was doing, so I was buying bread and kanelbulle with my credit card !

Since I live in Sweden, I developed an almost symbiotic relationship with my bank card. I think the only people who pay cash are those who can not or do not want to have a bank account in Sweden.

Why was using I species in France ? The bakery, the parking meter, all payments between 1 and 10 € (this was before the contactless card).
In Sweden, impossible to buy his ticket on the bus, card you pay for access to the bathroom of the library and traders have the right to refuse your currency.

Roughly speaking, I use more my card code as that of my building gateway !

It is verified in the statistics given by the Riksbank : 68 % payments are made by credit card.

bank-suede-expatriation, expatriate-stockholm

Everything would have started in the 60, when cost reduction banks have encouraged employers and employees to use transfers instead of checks for issues. Then in 1990, check processing become paying increased the use of bank cards. We advance in this direction in France, it is not far ...

But that's when I went to a flea market and the seller shook his head when he saw that I handed him a note that I understood that anyway ... We're not there yet. It would have required that I pay with the app "Swish", was I explained.

"Swish" is an application, created by a group of Swedish banks. It allows to transfer money free of charge and immediately from one account to another on your phone. It is used by 52 % Swedish. Swish has also become a verb "swish me your hand, do me a swish ". We "swish" willingly with colleagues or friends, for a starting pot or split the bill at the restaurant. To use the application, it takes a Bank ID, a kind of identification number given by the bank (So again, people who do not have Swedish account are excluded).

Several such systems are to replace the cash, iZettle as e.g., stockholmoise a startup that sells a credit card payment terminal connecting to the smartphone.

The majority of the Swedish population trusted the online payments or credit card.

She sees a way to reduce the risk of counterfeits and theft in stores or attacks by armored vehicles, to also reduce bacteria allergies or transportation caused by currency manipulation. There are also ecological and financial reasons (transporting physical silver is expensive and pollutes). In Sweden, it is not susceptible to internet fraud.

Love Sweden for technology undoubtedly contributed largely to arrive at such a situation, although a minority group protests against the decline of the use of cash. Even in Sweden, it's not that obvious for more 75 years. And then, I have not found information, but I guess there are areas, like in France, where the network does not pass.

For tourists, it is not obvious when you do not visit a big city, because the number of ATM decreases over the years and many banks continue to take charge on transactions made abroad. So before coming to Sweden, if you have no one on site, prepare yourselves !

Sweden uses fewer species yet, since 2008, the Risksbank decided to replace the Swedish Krona. In June, it replaced a series of 3 Tickets for security reasons. In June 2017, it will be the pieces (lighter and an alloy which would favor less allergies) and tickets 100 and 500 crowns tower.

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