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You bet we dive Madanm Paton ?

Ben ok, but I, I'm really beginner, then what I offers, is that I will ask the pros, like that, it will be better (for your information, pros speak in bold).

You bet we dive Madanm Paton ?

1. What are, according to you, the best snorkeling (if you could specify the depth, that would be great) to Seychelles ?

Boubi Praslin, Marianne, Aride, Cousin, Cousin between all 15 and 20 meters

2. What are, according to you, the best snorkeling (if you could specify the depth, that would be great too) to Mahe ?

L’ilôt (20m), Dragon Teeth(20m), Brizard beautiful corals for these 3 spots, Shark Banks (30meters), Twin barge, Dredger both of pertites wrecks 20, 25 meters off Beau Vallon, Aquarium (14m) in front of Beau Vallon, Cap Ternay (20m) intact corals, Aldebaran beautiful wreck 40 meters.

3. What should we expect after El nino 1998 ? Do you know if the bottom has suffered, fish density etc.?

No fish density but in some places the coral suffered

4. Are there any dangers / special difficulties(and)s in the Seychelles at the diving (beasties, relief, currents etc.) ?

No, apart sharks but are not dangerous in diving.

5. If you were to bring camera or camera underwater, you take in going to how many meters for Seychelles? Is 12 meters enough not to be frustrated ?

20 meters

6. What is the average price of a dive in Seychelles ?

Between 45 and 60 euros diving (in 2014)

7. On the west coast of Mahe, there are 1 diving center, 4 Beauvallon, I think. 1 on Silhouette. My figures do they look good? are there on Praslin and La Digue and St. Anne (I suppose so, but I do not know anything)

Ok for Mahé and Silhouette, Praslin 3 which at Lemuria, the dam 1

8. Are there any better than another season to dive ?

Easter is the best season (of march, th April of, May)

9. What is the average temperature of the water in the Seychelles ?

25° at 18m and at 20-22 ° 30 meters

10. Au fait, we are ready to believe you for all the good advice, but the fact that you are ?

I am diving instructor since 30 years. I work as an instructor for the Seychelles 6 years and I have done more 1200 dives

is immersed… But deeper this time !

Allez, hold your breath, we share with photos and Régine Françoise over 20 meters !

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Allez hop, on plonge !

C’est pas vraiment la saison pour plonger ou pour mettre la tête sous l’eau : l’eau est agitée et remue le sable. La luminosité est trop grande, but well… Je sais que vous serez indulgents alors, vous venez ?


On y va ! Il y a du poisson-perroquet, du corail, du poisson-chirurgien etc

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